Thursday, July 25, 2013

  I have been in love with Overalls since I was a child in the 90's, so whenever they become "in" again I say a small prayer to the fashion Gods and give thanks! And what's not to love? Though they aren't always flattering there are so many ways to wear them with style! Here's what's been inspiring me lately.
I love the cute oversized sweater especially with her shoe + sock choice!
Alexa Chung always has the best personal style.

The belt and boots are perfect!

I'm a sucker for an extra large bag and again, the shoes!

This is a perfect example of how to wear overalls in a classier way, plus her make up is so adorable!
Happy Thursday, the week's almost over!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 Last Saturday Clint and I met with our first wedding officiant! I was so nervous because up until this point we haven't really needed to meet up with anyone and explain what we want for our wedding day, and to be honest as far as the ceremony goes we are clueless! Thankfully Pam was very nice and asked us a ton of questions and let us know how she could help us with figuring out the ceremony and vows. I would like to say we were prepared but...

 For the last month and a half we've bolted down a theme(casual picnic) I found my dress, we had a consultation with a florist, my mom and I have begun collecting vintage plates for the reception, we have a venue and maybe a cake baker, all the superficial things are coming along nicely but the VOWS, uh. About two weeks ago I began to research possible vows scanning website after website and feeling kind of frustrated with it all. I personally found most of them to be either too mushy, too depressing, too religious, and full of things I simply wouldn't say!

 We asked Pam if she could show us any sample vows and that's when she suggested we write our own. Early on I had decided that writing our own vows was something special, something I wanted but wasn't (and I'm still not) sure If I can do. One of my fears is that I wont be able to say them in front of our families, that I'll be too overcome with emotion to get the words out. It's silly but writing your own vows seems like such a private thing that I don't know if I can be that personal in front of everyone! Pam said she could provide a type of cheat sheet so that it would be easier to create our own vows but have them in a similar format so that's an option as well.


 Though I'm still undecided I found the following helpful.

On Writing your own vows:
 12 tips on writing your own wedding vows
How To: write your own wedding vows

Non-traditional/Traditional Wedding Vows:
Wedding Vows: Nondenominational
Celtic Wedding Vows

" vow you the first cut of my meat, the first sip of my wine,
from this day it shall only your name I cry out in the night
and into your eyes that I smile each morning;
I shall be a shield for you back as you are for mine,
no shall a grievous word be spoken about us,
for our marriage is sacred between us and no stranger shall hear my grievance.
Above and beyond this, I will cherish and honor you through this life
and into the next. "
( We both found this one funny!)



"When I looked at you, my life made sense. Even the bad things made sense. They were necessary to make you possible."

                                                          -Jonathon Safran Foer

 I'm so happy to have a long, long time to brainstorm and hopefully get some ideas from people we know and our officiant Pam on what we want for our wedding.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Wore:
Print Dress - JC Penney
Flats - Macy's
Backpack - -Claires
Bandana - my boyfriend's
Sunglasses - Sterling Optical
Where I Wore it:
 After a couple of days feeling under the weather, Clint took me to our favorite park for a short walk! They have beautiful flowers, a small coulee with many duck families and stone Japanese statues. I love Sertoma Park so much, it's so peaceful and a great place to lay out a blanket and read in the warm summer sun! The weather's been cloudy but cool, I'm so happy that it's cooled down so we don't have to hide away in the air conditioning all day!
 I really love the print on this dress! It's like a watercolor painting and it's so bright and vibrant that you can't help feeling a little better just wearing it. I love when an outfit is simple and can stand out on it's own without a lot of accessories. It's definitely one of my go-to dresses on days when I can't for the life of me decide what to wear. Plus it's very flattering!
 I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday afternoon! I know I'll be excited to get back to work after a couple of sick days and enjoy my last month at the bakery!
 What a funny feature title, right? But I was recently reminded of my love for Kate Winslet after watching Titanic for the first time in years! I loved her at six years old watching the edited copy of the movie I had received for my birthday and I loved her just as much at seventeen when I received Titanic on DVD and got to see it ALL UNEDITED, ha ha. Here's the first of many Weekly Winslet's, Enjoy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

 After months of trying to launch a blog that I could be proud of (I am unfortunately a perfectionist)I think I've come to the point where I'm ready to get this thing started! Though I've said this before, my life is undergoing such big changes that I can't help but feel the need to share and photograph and write, write, write!

 I thought I'd start by sharing a little bit about myself! My name is Liz, obviously ha ha, I'm 21 years old and I'm from the Midwest! I've worked at a locally owned and operated bakery, experienced the cool downtown atmosphere and have been surrounded by delicious pastries for about 2 1/2 years! I've changed so much since I worked my first Sunday terrified and too shy to speak up! I bet most of the people I work with now would hardly believe we were the same person, I've become more and more comfortable speaking my mind and I'm so thankful to have met some of the people I have! I even met my boyfriend there! That's why it'll be so hard to leave next month, there will definitely be tears but I'm excited for what's next. August brings my new job babysitting for a my wonderful to be niece Allison and my boyfriend Clint's last semester in college! It's going to be so fun to have Clint's sister, her husband and baby Allison in town all the time!

 We'll also be busy planning our wedding! In June we did some talking and decided that marriage was something important to the both of us and sooner than later would be ideal. At first we talked about simply taking a trip down to the courthouse to make it official but my mom and Clint's parents kindly stepped in and said they would contribute a considerable amount to the wedding! That took such a huge load off the both of our shoulders! Now we are able to invite our immediate families and make the day something special that we'll remember forever. The wedding is June 21st 2014 and after that who knows what's in store for us!

 I decided to start this blog because I love photography, developing my own personal style and simply writing. Though my new job will give me longer hours, I'll have some time to myself and time to develop fun features! I'm thinking of making myself  monthly goals since I'll be hanging out with a one year old five days a week. I want to get out and do things around town, I have a little bit of social anxiety so though it will be a challenge, I really want to make it happen!

 I'm really excited to see where this blog goes, whether it's just a photo/style diary or something others enjoy reading I can't wait to get started and find out! I'll leave you with some photographs I took Sunday at the park and dinner at my mama's!

I just love taking pictures of flowers, especially when I can get up close and get all the little details !!

 My mom made Shrimp Scampi and a delicious ice cream dessert with caramel and cookie topping, then we both took turns taking pictures with little Penny!
Happy Monday!!